TV Help - Bad picture/Input???!?!

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by TommyBoiSxty9, Oct 4, 2002.

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    My grandmother has a little older (10 years or so?)
    SONY Console TV - (in the wooden cabinet deal)

    Its a Trinitron. All of a sudden one day when u turn it on you get the picture then after a few minutes it starts getting wavy and grey and finally it goes all black - if you leave it on a long time and flip thru and switch back and forth thru the inputs sometimes it comes back but not long before it does it again.

    So, I hooked up her VCR outs to one of the RCA Video inputs on the TV. (using the VCR as the coaxial cable tuner) and the Video inputs as the in source on the TV - - with this setup the picture is fine!

    Doesnt' flip out or anything... so my thinking is its something to do with the cable/coax input on the back of the television - help me out?? I dunno - is it worth fixing - how much?? about... or just get a new tv?

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