GUN Twins Charged After SWAT Member Shot

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    Twins Charged After SWAT Member Shot

    MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. -- Police said they have arrested two 19-year-old twin brothers who allegedly tried to hide from them and shot a Miami-Dade SWAT member when authorities attempted to serve a warrant at their home.

    Daval and Doval Smith were wanted for questioning in connection with the shooting death of Otissha Burnett. Authorities were serving a warrant at the home on the corner of 161st Terrace and Northwest 30th Avenue.

    Police said when they entered the home, they found Doval hiding in a closet and Daval hiding in the bathroom with an AK-47. Police said Daval shot a SWAT member in the hand. That officer was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

    The twins' mother told Local 10 that there wasn't an AK-47 in the house.

    "The way I thought about it, if an AK-47 would have shot a police (officer's) wrist, from what they tell me, they would have had to look for his hand," Brenda McRey said. [No no its his toe that would of been blown off :mamoru: ]

    Neighbors told Local 10 that Burnett was at the same house for a baby shower hours before she was killed.

    Burnett, 17, was fatally shot earlier this month by stray bullets while attending a block party celebrating the birthdays of several people. She was to begin her senior year at Miami Central Senior High School the next day.

    Daval is charged with attempted first-degree murder of a police officer and resisting arrest with violence. Doval is charged with resisting arrest without violence. He also faces two cocaine-related charges.

    Neither have been charged with Burnett's shooting.

    How did he live? From what the media tells us any wound from an ak47 should be lethal :noes:
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