TX_Accord is 10k miles away from achieving 1 million miles on his 2003 Accord

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May 27, 2006
It will be the first J-series (V6) to reach 1 million miles on the original engine, and the second ever Accord to pass 1 millon on original engine, the other being million mile Joe's 1990 CB7

He's down 1 cylinder


Detailed thread of the journey to 1 million

Million mile Joe's 1990 Accord


Bully Troll Crew
Aug 3, 2005
I had a 2003 Accord I bought in 2013ish for like $7500, had 80k miles on it. Loved that car it was super reliable. Only had 1 issue with it, had build up on the throttle body and didn’t idle. Just had to be cleaned
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Sep 17, 2002
Dallas, TX
I had a 2006 accord ex with the 4cyl. I bought it with 40k miles on it and drove it till 210k. Never had any real issues with it. Check engine light would come on from time to time for emissions related something but would always go away a day later so I never did anything with it. Did that for 50k miles or so before I sold it. Great car.


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Dec 6, 2002
The Woodlands
Fuck driving 50k miles a year. I drive a little more than half that and it sucks.
When I was as senior in High School, my brother was a Junior in College and still living at home, my mom bought a convertible camaro for her work vehicle. Very stupid choice. She would drive it from 6:00-5ish on sales calls. Then I would grab it and drive it all over the dang place from 5till around 11. Then my brother would take it and go out to bars and clubs and shit and get home around 3 or 4 in the morning. We put almost 70k on the odometer the first year she owned it. She was so upside down on that thing it was rediculous.

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