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    UFC 80: Rapid Fire | Jan. 19, 2008 | Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle, England

    1. Sam Stout (155) def. Per Eklund (155) via unanimous decision
    2. Alessio Sakara (206) def. James Lee (206) via TKO (strikes) - R1 (1:30)
    3. Paul Kelly (170) def. Paul Taylor (170) via unanimous decision
    4. Antoni Hardonk (244) def. Colin Robinson (238) via TKO (strikes) - R1 (0:17)
    5. Jorge Rivera (185) def. Kendall Grove (186) via TKO (strikes) - R1 (1:20)
    6. Wilson Gouveia (205) def. Jason Lambert (204) via TKO (strikes) - R2 (0:37)
    7. Marcus Davis (169) def. Jess Liaudin (170) via KO - R1 (1:04)
    8. Fabricio Werdum (247) def. Gabriel Gonzaga (255) via TKO (strikes) - R2 (4:34)
    9. BJ Penn (154) def. Joe Stevenson (154) via sub (guillotine choke) - R2 (4:02)


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    MW: Jorge Rivera (185) vs. Kendall Grove (186)

    R1: They touch gloves. Rivera takes Grove down. Rivera throws rights to Grove's head in Grove's open half guard. Grove sits on his knees while Rivera continues hitting Grove with rights. Grove gets up to his feet but he's still eating the punches all the way up. Rivera mixes in a left and Grove's knees buckle. Rivera wins.

    Rivera wins via TKO - R1 (1:20)

    LH: Wilson Gouveia (205) vs. Jason Lambert (204)

    R1: Lambert is stalking Gouveia. Lambert lands a leg kick and shoots for the takedown. Gouveia catchces Lambert in a guillotine, but Lambert escapes right away. Lambert works for the ground and pound. Gouveia is doing a solid job avoiding significant damage. Lambert lands a succession of rights. Lambert is tripped back. They are back on their feet. Gouveia pulls for a guillotine. Again, Lambert gets out right away. Lambert hits Gouveia with body shots. Gouveia attempts a triangle choke. Lambert slams Gouveia, who switches to an omoplata, but Lambert escapes and is back inside Gouveia's guard.

    R2: Round 2 is momentarily delayed because Gouveia can't find his mouthpiece. Odd. They find it and the fight is quickly started. Lambert has Gouveia pressed against the cage. Lambert is firing away with lefts to wear Gouveia down. Gouveia shoves Lambert off and lands a devastating left hook. Lambert is out!

    Gouveia wins via KO - R2 (0:37)

    WW: Jess Liaudin (170) vs. Marcus Davis (169)

    R1: Liaudin works leg kicks. Davis answers with a kick to the body. Liaudin moves in for another leg kick but Davis connects with a left behind Liaudin's ear. Liaudin is down. Davis follows with two more punches before the referee pulls him apart. Liaudin is out.

    Davis wins via KO - R1 (1:04)

    HW: Gabriel Gonzaga (255) vs. Fabricio Werdum (247)

    R1: Gonzaga takes Werdum down thirty seconds in. Gonzaga leaves Werdum's half guard. They are back kup. Gonzaga lands a leg kick, and another. Werdum with a front kick but Gonzaga catches it and pushes Werdum off. Gonzaga lands a leg kick that puts Werdum down. Back up. Werdum rushes in with a combo, but doesn't work. Gonzaga hurts Werdum with three more leg kicks. Werdum catches a kick and takes Gonzaga down. Werdum is working from Gonzaga's half guard now. With 18 seconds left, Gonzaga rolls for a possible kneebar.

    R2: They exchange a short punch combo. Werdum shoots in but Gonzaga stops it. Gonzaga back to working on the leg kicks. Gonzaga catches a leg kick and lands a kick to the body. Gonzaga catches another leg kick and throws Werdum on the ground. Werdum is on his back, where he wants the fight to go. Gonzaga doesn't follow and the referee stands Werdum up. Gonzaga throws Werdum down. Werdum connects with a knee, another knee and some punches. Werdum controls Gonzaga's neck and throws knees. Werdum brings Gonzaga closer to the ground with a guillotine. Werdum takes Gonzaga's back and pounds away with rights to Gonzaga's head. The strikes go on and Gonzaga is not doing anything to escape. The referee stops the fight.

    Werdum wins via TKO - R2 (4:34)

    LW: Joe Stevenson (154) vs. BJ Penn (154)

    R1: Right away Penn puts Stevenson on the ground with right hands. Penn is in Stevenson's half guard. The crowd is clearly behind Penn. Penn lands body shots. Penn pushes Stevenson against the cage. Penn stands up enters back in. Penn takes the back of Stevenson, who rolls over. Penn has mount. Stevenson gets out and is sitting against the cage. Stevenson is punching Penn's body. Penn takes Stevenson's back again. Penn is in side control. Stevenson puts Penn inside his guard. Stevenson throwing lefts and rights from guard. Penn drops a right elbow and Stevenson is immediately cut. It's a really bad cut, there's blood all over his forehead.

    R2: Stevenson looks especially agressive knowing that the fight could end because of the cut. The blood is still dripping from Stevenson's forehead. Penn catches Stevenson with a jab. Referee Herb Dean pauses the fight to have Stevenson' cut checked again. Still on. Penn puts Stevenson on the ground with punches. Penn has full mount and is landing punches. Penn now has Stevenson's back. Stevenson gives up the full mount. Penn continues with strikes. Penn takes Stevenson's back and secures the rear naked choke. Stevenson taps. Penn wins the UFC lightweight championship!

    Penn wins via submission (rear naked choke) - R2 (4:02)

    Penn thanks everyone and then calls out the previous champion: "Sean Sherk, you're dead!" Sherk enters the cage and shakes hands with Penn to set up a future bout.

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