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The Ripper

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Dec 25, 2006
Colorado Springs, Co
So UFC 89 is coming up. The card is actually a pretty decenet card and I cant wait to see Bisping vs Leben.

Michael Bisping vs Chris Leben

I think that Michael Bisping will put up a good fight. Hes a pretty well rounded guy the only thing that people question is his ground game but that wont come into play this fight because Leben is no submition super star. This fight could go one of two ways. Bisping controling the fight and pushing the pace and squeezing out a decision over Leben or Leben getting a knock out out of no where some where in the fight. I think that Leben will be able to pull off the KO win. Leben has changed his life style recently and concentrated more on fighting. From what Ive been reading in interviews is that Leben is ready for this fight and has been ready since the last time they were supposed to square off. Leben has a good chin and I dont see Bisping knocking him out any time soon. The longer the fight goes on the bigger the chance Leben will be able to knock him out. Leben is known for his KO power and I think thats what is going to get him the win in the end.

Keith Jardine vs Brandon Vera
Brandon Vera was a stud in the HW division untill he went up agaist two very tough opponents in Tim Sylvia and Fabricio Werdum. I thik that he will do a lot better in the LHW division and will be able to take out keith Jardine. Vera has a lot of talent and is pretty well rounded like Bisping. I just dont think Jardine will be able to finish him off or develop a good game plan for him. Vera is going to go in there and he is going to out work him. I think he will end up winning by KO or TKO.

other picks.
sodoku will win as well as sam stout


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Jul 18, 2001
I'd like to see Vera knock him out but Vera didn't knock out the punching bag he fought last time


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Oct 22, 2005


Jun 29, 2003
rain street
Vera has been weak shit. I see Jardine being too much for him

Sadly, i think thats the case. Brandon wants to take his time, set things up, etc. I dont see Jardine giving him the time he'll want and leave it at a pace conducive to Vera's game.

With that being said, Bonnar dropped Jardine with a head kick. I'll take Vera by headkick in the 2nd. :o

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