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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by armond, Dec 23, 2006.

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    Not sure on the amount of other :sadwavey: people from FN who are currently separated from their S/O during this holiday season.

    I for one am one of those people. I am currently in Kuwait, a hellhole of epic proportions, and separated from my babe... A lot of you know how me and my babe, Sue, came to be. basically we were best friends since 96, and last December 4th we took a chance and got together. We are currently still together and going strong. I honestly am still a true believer that the best relationships originate from being friends first. But then of course here comes that risk of losing that friend if things really go under.

    Anyway, enough of that. I am mostly just venting... Frustrations are setting in, physical and emotional. Emo this, emo that, whatever, I can't help but to miss my Sue. She made my days better and grander than ever... And now, I am here.

    We both knew this would be hard due to the distance, and that it would almost be viewed as a test... We are passing. I honestly do not see us failing this. I have been a little on edge lately though. I am tired, disgruntled, and totally in a state of being homesick. I know, I know, first time away from home? In a way yes, I been outta the 'rents house since I was 18, currently 25. But the thing is, I have never really been this far(physically) from the one I am with. We did everything together... And now, I am isolated and currently a resident of a country that has alien views on everything... I am talking from how they treat women, how they treat foreign nationals, food, driving, etc...

    The biggest thing is, how do I get my mind off all this crap and just try to make the time fly by? I work a decent amount of hours, 12 a day, and that there is one problem. Some of the posts I man are one man posts, and I have nothing to do but think for 12 hours. :hs: About how I miss her smell, her voice, her touch... everything... I will give it to the men and women who are deployed with any armed forces, it takes a lot of heart to be able to get thru these times and come out with your sanity intact.

    I just came to the Vag to vent and get my frustrations out, and it is about my relationship.

    1. I miss waking up to her...(thanks for that thread) :wtc:
    2. Hearing her say, "what's for breakfast?" :rofl:
    3. Watching her interact with her young nieces, and then both of us talking about how we want children. :)
    4. How she always snuck up behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist... :love:
    5. How we would make homemade pizza(well she really just played with the dough and put the toppings on :p )
    6. How when she woke up, she stretched so beautifully!:hs:
    7. Wrestling :naughty: Always led to other things
    8. Taking shots when you lost your race at MarioKart :bigthumb:
    9. her smell(especially her hair):wtc:
    10. and in all respects, just her presence, she is lke my right arm... I miss her... :hsd:

    Ugh, I just had to get some of that shit out...


  2. Kinks

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    Sydney, Australia
    I've never had any of that shit, so at least you can look forward to coming home to it.
  3. iwishyouwerebeer

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    My boyfriend is with his family til Christmas, and I am completely alone until I kind of feel your pain. Merry Christmas though
  4. JohnJohnJohnson

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    Props. Relationships are awesome.
  5. :smile:

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    New York
    that's why it makes it so hard to be away from your SO. i'm away from mine too for the holidays & i hate it. you get through it though & yea it's a test, it tells you both a lot about each other & yourself.

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