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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Kamisama, Feb 20, 2005.

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    I think my brother is heading towards the direction of alcoholism, or is already there.

    Occasionally I would find him in his room passed out on his desk or whatever, with beer bottles everywhere. Just be like "uhh, drinkin' by yourself buddy? :ugh: " and random nights I can hear him being loud and singin' and shit alone in his room, and I'll be like, we don't have anything to drink, and I didn't see him come home with anything. Well I wasn't going through his stuff for the intention to find alcohol, but I was looking for a book and I found like bottles of liquor :ugh: It's not like he is getting beligerantly drunk everynight, but I would say because he can't afford too. Is it bad to drink by yourself like he does, what should I do?
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    Tell this 'specifically' to your dad. Say, hey your son is being getting drunk all the time, he has bottles of liquor hiding in his closet, and he's been drinking alll the time during working days for weeks.

    He will probably get his ass kicked. Which will be for the better if it saves him compared to the years of slavery on alcohol abuse and the misery that brings that along with him. After this keep bugging him and nagging to him that he's throwing his life to waste, and that he should goto a counceller(alcohol anonymous) and get help. Heck even show him the Off-Topic ,road to recovery section if you have to, which he can read post a few message and start his road to recovery ASAP. Keep nagging and whining and don't give up, in the end he probably will budge it's worth it.

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