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    First off, welcome to Offtopic.com! We're glad you made your way to our community and we hope that you will find OT to be your home away from home. Please review our TOS ( terms of service) at the bottom of this page.

    As you read this, your account is being reviewed to make sure that you will mesh well with the rest of the people on this board. This is our way of keeping the "fly - by - night" users out, as well as AE's (alternate egos / users with more then one account) out of OT. It is also our way to give you a small chance to get to know this forum, it's rules, and generally how things work around here.

    Once your account has been fully approved, you will have basic posting privileges which lets you post topics, replies and gives you access to other basic features. You may purchase a subscription to the site and gain access to additional features such as avatar (pic under your name), signatures, searches, higher private messaging allowance, gallery access, ability to view others profiles and more importantly
    access to the main forum.

    Please be aware that there is a standard policy of deleting accounts that have been inactive for a period of 30 days. So make sure you actively contribute back to the forums.

    Why buy a subscription if membership is free?
    You'll have access to signatures, avatars (photo), access to the main forum and other personal settings. Your account will not be subject to the 30 day lack of use policy.

    By subscribing you will be showing your support for this forum, as it costs a lot of money to keep it going. The cost to run it is way over $3,000+ every month, not including the constant hardware upgrades that this site requires. This is a way to show your appreciation for the site and the entertainment it provides.

    How to buy a subscription?

    Buying a subscription is easy. Simply click the
    subscription button located on the top right side of this page. Pick the subscription time you're willing to try out and follow the on screen prompts.

    There are also other free subscription offers offered by OT's sponsors and affiliates from time to time. These benefit the site just as much as paid subscriptions do and every penny helps.

    If you cannot order a subscription online, or do not qualify for any of the free offers, you can always mail a money order or check. Be sure to include your user name & e-mail address.

    Make checks/money orders payable to Offtopic.com

    Offtopic.com, 1940 Fountain View Dr. #111 Houston, TX 77057

    What happens once my subscription expires?

    Once your subscription expires, your avatar will be locked into place. You will not be able to make any further changes until you subscribe again. Again, your avatars and signatures will still work, you just wont be able to change them, your PM limit will be lowered back down, search and profile viewing will go away, and you will no longer have access to the main forum.

    What are the rules of OT?

    The rules were set in place by Fazle can be found

    Who's in charge here?

    Administrator -
    Fazle's the admin and has absolute word on what does or does not transpire on OT. Please always try to go through the mods of respective forums if you have any problems or concerns, and then to the supermods if things don't change. You can, of course, always contact Fazle directly but due to the volume of emails and PMs he gets, it is highly recommended that you approach the mods or supermods first.

    Super Moderators & Moderators (Smods & Mods) - These fine people are here to help. They are also volunteers & are here on their own time. The list of the mods for the various forums of offtopic can be found here.

    A few things you'll need to know when you get out of Initiation:
    • Subscription costs are very reasonable and there are different subscritions to fit your needs. If you subscribe, you'll be helping the site out.
    • There are a lot of members on this board who may criticize you for not subscribing, but remember, it's only the internet, so don't take it seriously.
    • If you want out of Initiation faster, subscribe and get instant access instead of waiting around for a certain number of days.
    Now for some terminology:
    • AV = Avatar
    • AE = Alter Ego
    • IDB = In da butt (to put in)
    • DIAF = Die In a Fire (This means that someone disagrees with you and your opinion)
    • STFU = Shut the Fuck Up
    • Repost = Material that was posted earlier by a previous user, then posted again by someone else
    • OP = Online Pussy, generally what women who browse/post OT are called.
    • AW = Attention Whore, someone who posts for attention, also called spam.
    • OG = Original Gangster, members of OT who have been around since it started up, originating from Honda-Acura.net
    • RD = Real dick, what some men are called (like OP)
    • LC = Lowercase, when someone uses caps too much
    • Broly = A crew who works out
    • Tittywop / Pics? = This is something that most people will request if you mention a girl, car or situation that sounds appealing.
    • GTFO = Get the fuck out, can refer to either being called "dumb" by another user, or posting a cruel comment in someone else's thread.
    • FTW = For The Win
    • FTL = For The Lose
    • IL = Ignore List
    • Fazle = Site owner, not much information is known about him, but he runs and operates OT, usually by buying an AV, it goes towards servers and maintenance so we can all have a good, quick surfing experience on OT.
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