Uniden BC796D Scanner Software???

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Zylo, Nov 11, 2005.

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    The included software SUCKS and will be destroyed via 12ga #8 target loads Saturday, but I am in serious need of a scanner programming/monitoring software. I HAVE to stay under $200, would be awesome to stay under $100.

    But as functionality is #1, I do want something that is easy to use and looks good (i.e. friendly GUI)

    What I want to do:

    1) Monitor channel activity unattended
    2) Upload data into banks/channels en masse
    3) Have a Alpha Tag display
    4) Has to understand Trunking functions as well as APCO-25 Digital compatibility.

    I started writing this in the Computers forum, as it is software, but I figure i'd have better luck here. Maybe there is JUST ONE hammie lurking out there :x:

    And yes, I have used google extensively, but actually want to talk to a person about it, not just the companies web page and false promises :)

    Fuck i'm such a nerd :(

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