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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by mgardula, Oct 28, 2007.

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    Does an up-convert DVD player produce a decent picture compared to a true HD player? I'm not sure if I am financially capable for full HD just yet. Any recommendations on a good up-converter?
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    I only have experience with the one I own, YMMV. To me, up converting players are leaps and bounds ahead of a normal 480 DVD player on a 1080 screen, but it's not HD. Side by side them and you'll definitely see the difference. That being said, it's worth it. I use an Oppo 970 and love it. I thought about selling it once my HD DVD player came in, but i've changed my mind. It's too nice of a DVD player. The Divx decoding by itself makes it worth keeping. There are newer versions (980, 981) since mine came out that are supposed to be better, and they are all cheap compared to similarly performing players in the $400+ range.


    Just a bit of a warning though, Faroudja chips produce horrid macroblocking on DLP displays. So go with the 980 if you have DLP. The 981 if not.

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    You may want to google the model number and the word "review". From what I hear the $75 to $100 upconverting DVD players may not all do 1080p or they are just plain bad.

    I own the Oppo 981HD and have just bought the Toshiba A2. The Oppo goes for $230. I paid $230 for the A2. The A2 is now at $200 at Circuit City. The A2 also up converts and supposedly has as good a picture as the Oppo when playing SD DVDs.

    Black Friday is just around the corner. So even if you bought the Phillips DVP5982 up converting DVD player (to 1080p) for $62 you'd still have to add a $20 HDMI cable and chances are that you can find it on sale for $50 the nearer we get to Christmas.

    Now as an aside, have you thought of a up converting player / recorder? If you look at the Toshiba D-R400 ($140) it up converts up to 1080p but it can also record. But no, that won't do either because you should get a recorder with a digital tuner so that you can record OTA HD. So the Toshiba D-R550 for $210 seems to be the best bet: up converts up to 1080p, records OTA HD through the digital tuner. (Yes, you can only record at 480p. But at least you can record.)

    If you're into football, then the D-R550 may be the way to go. $210.
    Toshiba HD-A2, $200,
    Phillips DVP5982, or Toshiba SD5000, $65.
    Oppo 970 or 981, $150 or $230.

    Playing SD "Chronicles of Riddick" on the Oppo and the A2, the Oppo is superior. Comparing the Oppo to the A2 playing the same movie in HD-DVD, the A2 is superior.

    If you haven't experienced the Oppo, though, the A2 up convert is probably just as good as the $60 to $100 up convert units. But it isn't as good as the Oppo. One of the things which can be adjusted on the Oppo is sharpness and brightness, along with RGB enhancement and black enhancement (same as on the A2). The A2 doesn't seem to have a memory setting, though, so you'll end up starting the movie from the beginning and then fast forwarding to where you left off. The A2 has normal black level (0) and enhanced for playing through a computer screen (7.5).

    I was going to sell my Oppo for $100 but now I'm thinking that I'll keep it just to watch up scaled movies, DVD-A and SACD. (No, I don't know anything about DivX.)
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