UPDATE on chick i met v.She has a cute friend

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    Quick background:

    This is the same girl I met a while back that I danced with, flirted, and got the #. Talked a few times over the phone. And now finally got to meet up. I never got to setup a date due to our conflict in schedules. Anyways, I was scheduled to spin at a club last friday and figured since this girl likes to party (she'll party any day of the week) this would be a perfect opportunity to meet up since I generally don't like to meet up with a girl at a club for a first meeting.

    She texts me saying she and a friend is already there. A friend? I text back asking female or male.... female. I like where this is going. And then she tried calling me... but I didn't answer as I and a female friend were enjoying a nice conversation on the way there.

    I get to the club... and the turn-out wasn't great. Which meant that I wasn't going to spin cuz no one was dancing (and there were other DJ's that spin the music thats played when no one is dancing). I make my way up to the DJ stage when i hear "Tommy!"

    I see the familiar face... wait a second. How'd she get my name? You see, I was keeping up this little "thing", if you will, where she calls me gary logan since I never gave her my name. Turns out I totally forgot that just last week I decided to say my name on my VM greeting for professional purposes. Oh well, the game wasn't going to last forever anyways.

    We give each other a hug and I tell her I'll be right back. I go up on stage to set my stuff down and say whats up to the fellow DJs. As I ask one of them how the night's been going, I see both of them looking at me and whispering what I could only imagine something along the lines of, <girl voice> he must think he's so cool since he dj's </girl voice> I really wanted to avoid using my being a DJ as a "crutch". But I wasn't about to carry my gear all night. Anyways... I walk back up to them, they're both facing the bar now sitting down. I get right inbetween them:

    me: so... you promoted this night didn't you? (i always teased her about being a horrible promoter)

    girl & friend: LOL

    I continue to tease her about it using her friend as an ally, which was working.

    I introduce them to my female friends. I've already prepped my female friend to play wingman. Her instructions were simple... be friends with them so we can all be friends. That was all. My friend offers to buy a round of drinks. We all accept.

    While the drinks were being prepared, I went up to girl and asked her if she was gonna dance.

    girl: what like this? she shows me a quick move

    I sat down in her stool

    me: moves like that just result in your seat getting jacked

    girl: hey!

    I smile

    me: show me that move again and maybe i'll give it back

    she dances

    me: nah... i decided that i'm better off in this seat

    her friend: LOL

    -----------i gotta go to bed... i'll continue this tomorrow
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    are kidding, you fuck tard, fail
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    why do you think im holding all these records? im with the DJ!
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    that never happened :squint:

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