SRS Update on my situation. messing with married coworker

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Killuminati, Dec 4, 2007.

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    Well some of you might remember my previous thread about me messing around with the married chick with 2 kids... Who then basically lied to me for a year and used me.

    I am almost to the point of letting it all go and putting the whole thing behind me. (I am talking to this other chick, nothing happening yet (that's another story).

    I have to say I am almost over it, and I'm happy to say that. But there still is a part of me that thinks about her. I work with her mother and she talks about my exes kids sometimes...... While my ex will not even tell me how they are doing. (she's being a selfish bitch) Its just hard man. With her being that selfish it just makes me want to take revenge. Part of me still wants to talk to her fucking husband and send him his clothes back and tell him about his gold digging wife.

    Just every so often I just get this overwhelming feeling that I need to get back at her. Because I don' teven feel like she has tried to make anything up to me.

    She just really hurt my pride. I just feel like a bitch for not doing anything back to her. Will this feeling ever go away? (all my boys think I shoudl do something about it)

    (I don't feel like this all the time just when I see her or see her mom, who I unforunately work with)
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    You hurt your own pride by getting attached to a married person... and she isn't your ex. Find a new job and get away from that family.

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