Upgrading Bios?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by neonwheels, Sep 16, 2004.

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    Sep 23, 2003
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    I'm looking to upgrade the bios (hasn't been done since 1999 :ugh: ).

    It's AwardBIOS, which has been acquired by Pheonix.

    The system is a PIII 650MHz running XP Pro SP2 with 3 256MB sticks of RAM. I'm looking to begin overclocking (if there is a version of BIOS that is easier than another).

    I've found a BIOS upgrading site, but besides calling them (which I might end up doing anyways) I haven't gotten anything else to work. I believe it was www.award-bios.com and it was probably routed to some other site (I forget which one off hand though).

    As far as the overclocking process, I've been reading up on Overclockers.com for a while. I basically want to get some experience in before I make my next system (hopefully a AMD64, maybe even FX if I splurge; P4 3.2E if nothing else).

    Are there any other sites that would have some more useful information (bios upgrading or overclocking wise)?

    Any help is appreciated! :x:
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    Best thing to do, would be to figure out the manufacturer and model of the motherboard. Usually it will say right on the motherboard, if it is a name brand. If not, it might take quite a bit of research. Go the manufacturer's website, and see if they have an updated BIOS for your particular model.

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