Upgrading my work truck... v. v6 to v8

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by SoySauciAl, Nov 11, 2007.

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    Im driving a pos 99 chevy s-10 with a lot of paint problems and like 20 dents all over the place. No power windows, no ac, etc. Although its reliable and gets alright gas mileage, i'm thinking of upgrading to something nicer..

    Im thinking of a regular cab (no backseat) 2000+ sierra, v8. I heard these trucks are solid as hell and can go like 300k. How bad is the gas mileage on these considering its only a regular cab? how much should i expect to pay?
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    most v8 WT were 4.8L. If you're going used, I'd recommend you find a 5.3L, and you can certainly find a LS truck for cheap cheap in a reg cab config with a 5.3L. Gas mileage would probably be around 15mpg city, maybe 20highway. 2wd and 4x4 get similar mileage, maybe within 1-2mpg highway.

    a 2004 5.3L reg cab LS 4x4 with pretty standard config (Air Cond / CD Player / Z85 HD Susp / G80 Locker Rear Diff) should go for around $11-12.5k in great condition and around 60k on the odo.

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