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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by NoLiving, Aug 31, 2004.

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    Here's a question I would like to get people's opinions on. If the US were to remove its military presence from around the world and revert to an isolationist government, would we still be as large of a target as we seem to be today?

    I know a primary belief in the Libertarian party is that removing our federal military presence from around the world make us less of a target for everything. I think the idea has some merit but there are some things to consider.

    If we removed our presence would the rest of the world somehow fall under the control of a military dictator and then attack us with a very large army that we could not defend against because we let it get out of control.

    If we removed our presence would people no longer see us as the enemy? It seems to me that a lot of the reason why many people around the world hate us is because we try help resolve the conflicts between other people and if the resolution fails both sides tend to blame us.
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    People seem to have forgotten what Great Britain has done. Although the US has done a lot around the world, we havn't been colonizing everywhere.

    I don't mean to flame. Time does heal all wounds.

    I mean isolationist as in millitarily, not at all economically.

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    I think the troop pull outs of Korea and Germany make sence. The overall presence is part of an outdated cold war strategy. But I don't see America disengaging from the world in a military sence. As for people hating us for past and present actions can you be more specific Balldog? There are certainly anti-American sentiment abroad and in the US. That does not mean they are either majority opinion or well informed. Now I see Germany wants to cry about the American $$$ they lose when we pull out. Here's a tissue: :wtc:

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