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    I saw a thread in which people were talking about the global search and replace function in dreamweaver and got inspired to share this with you. Several years ago i bumped into one of the most useful and amazing 3rd party tool for doing global search and replaces.

    What is amazing about it is it works outside your IDE so there is no need to worry about compatibility.

    it works in folder structures (sub folders and multiple projects), it does not place anything extra in your code and you don't have to export or import you code base into any specific IDE

    It works with regular expressions

    When doing global search and replace you don't have to open each specific file or project in order to do anything.

    You simply use the interface of the program you point it to the right directory (could be mapped drive of your server), you add what to search for and if you want to replace what you want to replace it with.

    It has html editor so you can simply just do search and find all instances of something in your code sorted by which file those instances are and can actualy edit on the go the file if you need to do so without even opening your IDE.

    for more information: http://www.funduc.com/search_replace.htm

    its cheap too -.-:x:

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