Using a lower watt AC adapter on my laptop.

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by I wanna fuck Rarity, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. My laptop came with a 120w 19volt adapter that broke last night. I have a new one ordered but until it comes I am without a computer when the battery goes.

    Would I be ok with using a 90w universal adapter than can output 15-24volts for a few days?

    I don't expect it to charge the battery I just want to be able to run my laptop.

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    I know with some Dells, you'll get a warning that the machine wont run at full speed until the proper adapter is plugged in.
  3. it's a gateway

    and I jumped the gun and tried it with the 90w. It ran but the battery wouldn't charge. So I removed the battery and it is running.

    So I guess I can use it this way until the proper adapter comes in.

    Thanks though.
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    You might find the battery will charge if the unit isn't on.
  5. actually this is pretty weird, I just hooked it up again and I left the battery in and it's running and the battery is charging just fine now.

    This is a gaming laptop also. But I won't take my chances by trying to play an intensive game and possibly overloading the adapter.

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