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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by t1h, Jul 4, 2007.

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    there's a rifle I want to buy from someone on i've never done this before, and it will need to go through an 01 FFL holder. On there's several places locally on their "find a transfer dealer" search. so what do I need to do to? win the auction, pay the seller and ask him for his fax/mailling address, and then go to one of the stores, tell them I won the item from gunbroker and need to do the 01 ffl transfer, and this is the fax/address of the guy and have the store send the guy the store's 01 FFL, and then the seller sends the rifle to the store, and the store does the form 4473 on me and I pay them their transfer fee? is that all the steps?
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    you pretty much have it covered.

    it might be faster if you just call the FFL and have them fax their FFL to the seller as opposed to having to drive there.

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