Using two network connections simultaneously?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by MMor101, Mar 10, 2008.

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    When at school I use my phone as a modem so I can download torrents (campus blocks them). While using my phone can I also use the airport for the schools connection? The school connection is faster than the phone so it would be use for surfing.
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    OS X allow you to bind multiple connections and will do load balancing, or so they claim. Although I have been able to get a machine to obtain an IP address from multiple sources at once (4 cable modems), it would not balance the connection or even go over to the other connections when one was saturated. An Apple employee who develops OS X was unable to make it work correctly also. Even if it did work correctly it wouldn't work for your purpose. It is designed to balance the bandwidth across multiple connections or fail over to the next one when the bandwidth on the first is utilized. Sounds like you'd be best off just getting a 2nd machine.
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    i've been able to connect to two networks plenty of times, but i had no idea how to manage what apps used which connection.

    for example, i wanted to use my EVDO modem for internet but wifi for VNC but couldn't get the MBP to use the wifi exclusively for the VNC connection.

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