V-Twin vs. Inline-4

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by KW, Jun 17, 2002.

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    What advantages do the V-Twin's have? I know the 4's have more power, and my understanding is the twins have more low end. However this doesn't seem to explain the overwhelming sucess of the V-Twin Ducati 996s and Honda RC-51s in Superbike racing. Handling differences? Just driver and team advantages?
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    Well that it used to be the case that the inline 4s had more power, but now v-twin technology has caught up, and with the advantage of 250cc, they are now making more power than the inline 4s. This is the reason world superbike is going to 1000cc rules for all bikes. AMA superbike is expected to follow suit too. I think that alot of 750s and V-Twins are gonna start disappearing to make room for bikes that follow the new rules.
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    With a v-twin, you have a smaller engine, thus less mass, smaller package, ideally suited to a racebike, the longer stroke and bigger bore of a v-twin gives you much more torque, lower in the powerband. Its long proven that people buy horsepower but drive with torque. nobody revs their cars up to redline in normal everyday driving, and most bikers dont do this either. with a v-twin, you can short shift, and still get there. The power is just more suited to normal riding, and it really helps in racing. The pull of a vtwin coming out of a corner is amazing, it doesnt need to be wound up like a i-4.

    As for teams winning with v-twins, I seriously think it has more to do with the riders than the bikes. Of course the bike matters, but the big players who have always won in the past are the ones running v-twins.
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    ride a V-twin and you'll never go back to an inline. Being able to pull hard from 3k rpm up to redline is really nice on the street, does make you a little lazy on the track when it comes to shifting though.
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    Huh? run out of steam? the torque curve is flat from 3k up, the engine develops peak HP at around 9500 and redline is 10,5 (or at least that's where the computer shuts down the front cyl)
    sorry but on the straights at the track this 120hp twin will run with the 150hp liters up to 130 or so. You use 8k of powerband, I use 6500 or so, and I can guarantee it's a flatter band, where you're probably all top end rush.
    maybe you haven't ridden a propper v twin, when was the last? 1992? :)
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    Re: Re: V-Twin vs. Inline-4

    please :rolleyes:
    go out to the garage and put your bike together. It's been too long since you've ridden.
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    Apr 17, 2001
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    My old I-4 had plenty of torque. :)

    ...but my new I-4 has to be wound out, it's fun though.
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    I ride a V-twin. Used to have an I-4. I realy like the v-twin a lot better... More fun as a daily rider and it pulls up the front wheel like no other. :big grin:

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