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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Lou, Jan 14, 2007.

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    I'm not a particularly big fan of VB and I'm having trouble getting values from a dataset. My table is called tblCustID and contains 3 columns, CustomerID, CustFirstName, CustLastName. I have my customer ID being populated in the listbox at present but i'm trying to get my customer first and list name concatenated into the box instead. My dataset is called DsCustomerList and i'm attempting to use bindingcontext to get the values.

    I'm currently trying something along these lines...

    Dim strCustNameFull

    Me.BindingContext(DsCustomerList1.tblCustID).Position = 0
    Do until Me.BindingContext(DsCustomerList1.tblCustID).Position = Me.BindingContext(DsCustomerList1.tblCustID).Count - 1

    StrCustNameFull = Me.BindingContext(DsCustomerList1.tblCustID, "CustFirstName") + Me.BindingContext(DsCustomerList1.tblCustID, "CustLastName")

    Me.BindingContext(DsCustomerList1.tblCustID).Position += 1


    I'm thinking however that I may need some sort of array in here with length being equal to count. However this is causing absolute chaos and my mind cannot get to work on coding it.

    If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated as I'm really not too hot on VB. :x:
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    Can't say as I have any idea what your problem is. You're trying to use FirstName+LastName as your unique identifier but it's not working? Is that the problem? What errors are you getting? Your question is way too vague, and it sounds disturbingly like homework too.

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