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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by cunninglinguist, Jun 28, 2007.

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    I have a simple excel macro that I need to create. Unfortunately I'm not well versed in VBA.

    Basically, I have an excel file that list of clients information (contact name and address). However, when there's more than one address line per customer, that information is listed in the next row.

    For example:

    John Smith Inc. 123 Fake St. Anytown USA 12345
    John Smith Inc. ATT: Joe Customer Anytown USA 12345

    What I would need is for the ATT: Joe Customer to appear in the same row as 123 Fake St. (preferably next to 123 Fake St, but it could be in any column in the first row)

    Output should look like:

    John Smith, Inc. 123 Fake St. ATT: Joe Customer Anytown USA 12345

    So essentially, whenever customer name is the same, loop and cut the address line and paste it onto the first row in the next column. When customer name changes, do the loop again.

    Any suggestions?
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    Is this all in one column?

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