VBGOD passed away


Turu the Terrible
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Nov 20, 2003
Fuck Diabetes, lost my best friend to Type 1. He was diagnosed as a child, and his parents were told he probably would not live past the age of 30. He made it to 47.

Rev. Johnny Vegas

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Jun 13, 2001
Im with you on this one. My oldest daughter has it. Nothing like waking up at 3 am because your daughter has gone into a hypoglycemic coma and wont wake up.
Yeah, its a fucking shitty disease. My long time ex-girlfriend was a Type 1 diabetic. She was diagnosed with it in her freshman year of college, while she was on a volleyball scholarship. She was pretty bad about managing the A1C, would get really defensive about certain hypo/hyper incidents, etc.


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Aug 28, 2002
Imagine passing and your OT memorial thread was nothing but references to your cookies.


I lost a bet, that's why
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Sep 14, 2001
Hazel Dell, WA (Portland, OR)
Imagine passing and your OT memorial thread was nothing but references to your cookies.
they were really good cookies :p

I know he's been gone from OT for a long time, but I am really surprised this sticky thread is so slow going. Is there really so few of us left? :(

Thing is, I remember so little of what he was like on OT. I remember frantic, scared phone calls like "holy shit, I passed out on my bike on the bridge today and hit my head and I'm bleeding but I don't remember how I made it out of the road or got to the other side, someone must have helped me".

Yeah, he made cookies. Yeah, he had a foot fetish. But the diabetes really took up a lot of his life, or at least the part of it when I talked to him the most anyway. I'm glad to hear he got married and I hope that while he was he had a good/great life. I'm super sorry for his wife.
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