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  1. are vcd's burned on regular blank cd's or dvd cd's ? i have the latest version of nero burning rom but the file (divx) that im trying to make a vcd out of is too big and also the nero program said i cant use my dvd-r's. i have a pioneer dvd-rw dvr 107d burner. how do i do this ??? i think im supposed to use a dvd shrinking program and then just click on that shrinked vid to make a vcd out of ??? how about the dvd-r as opposed to regualar blank cd's.
  2. how do i convert divx into a vcd ?
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    VCDs can only be burned to CDR/W if you want to view them like they should in a DVD player.
    But you're limited to 80mins of playback time (which is about 800megs of MPEG1) for a VCD compliant. There is also XVCD and KVCD which is really just a VCD that is non-compliant that allows you to get more playback time, mostly it just lowers the quality.

    I would suggest first using something like TMPGEnc , which can encode to MPEG1 easy enough, before burning with Nero.
    I've found that Nero seems to take twice as long to encode the file, plus TMPGEnc gives you a heads up that it'll fit or not.

    If you're DVD player can view raw mpegs, a data disc with mpg files on it, then just conver it to MPEG1 and burn it to DVD like a data disc.

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