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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by swaterinater, Jun 14, 2009.

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    Heeeeey so I got mine done in a city I dont live in, so I'm not sure where to go to find a good local piercing shop to ask questions. I figured I'd ask some here, as I'm sure some of you are probably familiar. I was pierced with 14g curved stainless surgical steel barbell, I believe.

    How long should I wait until I mess with jewelry/stretching?

    I got pierced with 14g, should I move up to a 12g?

    What are some good, reputable websites to buy jewelry from?

    Where can I find uncommon jewelry, such as pearl beads? (I think the idea of having a pearl in my oyster is comical)

    If I buy any beads for 14g externally threaded, will they all fit? Is there anything else I need to be aware of?

    Are there any materials that I should definitely stay away from?

    Barbell length?

    What is the best choice for the best clitoral stimulation? (I'm not at this point concerned about being "too stimulated")

    I was told to give it an epsom salt bath once a week... and then another person told me to do a sea salt bath. Which one is it? How often?

    Anything else worth knowing?
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    Wait till it's fully healed to stretch

    I'd go up to a 12 or 10. Less chance of any tearing

    bmeshop.com bodyartforms.com painfulpleasures.com and many others

    bodyartforms and bme may have some uncommon stuff

    Not all jewellery is compatible. Depends on the manufacturer

    Length is up to you. Pretty much whatever you're comfortable with

    I don't know anything about clitoral stimulation because I have a penis. :rofl:

    Sea salts not epsom.

    Oh and pics! :squint:
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    I've been considering getting a piercing done there, but can't decide for the life of me whether I want it vertical or horizontal. Could you tell me why you chose that one instead of horizontal?

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