Velvet Revolver - Weiland & GNR

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by The Amazing Salami, Jun 10, 2004.

  1. I bought the new CD, CONTRABAND, yesterday and have given it a couple of spins so far. I really like it, but not as much as I thought I would. A couple of points on the album:

    (a) It sounds more like Stone Temple Pilots than Guns and Roses, which I think is a good thing. Though Slash's raging solos are still fully intact.

    (b) It's all upbeat and rocking outside of two slower tracks, which is also good.

    (c) I think I would like it as much as STP or GNR if I was hearing it as a fresh "new" band instead of in the context of the two former bands. Obviously, since it's new, I don't have any nostalgic value attached to this record like I do the old STP and GNR albums.
  2. The reason it sounds more like STP is Weilands voice.

    And has anyone seen the video for "Slither" or whatever its called? Is it me, or does Scott Weiland want to be the new Mick Jagger?
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    You hit the nail on the head... :) I was wondering why he looked familiar.
  4. Yeah that's a big part of it, obviously. But the rhythm guitar phrases and middle-eights and time-signature switches all are much more STPish. GNR was a little more straight ahead blues rock than VR.
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    Weiland has been like that his whole career with STP, probably the most carismatic(sp) frontman since DLR
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    Except Weiland doesn't have the talent, at least not vocally. He is so flat and easy to replicate. At least with Slash behind him the music is interesting.
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    It's crappy it would have been cool 10 yrs ago, but its the same old tired sound of stp and slashes snake pit. It's really weak
  8. I definitly agree. I never said this was a new thing. I just noticed it more in the new video than I ever did before.
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    Thats what I does the singer for the Strokes.
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    I really don't like Velvet revolver at all. As mentioned, Weilands vocals are completely laclustre, his voice is nothing special at all. Plus Slash is probably playing at about 50% of his actual capability, the solos that are there are very sloppy compared to his usual form. The whole album seems rushed and basically not worth the hype at all!

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