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    Its hard to keep a smile on. Its hard to tell myself everything is alright when its not. I get depressed and I dont know why. I'll walk down to the beach and sit there for awhile feeling empty. Life makes me feel clastrophobic sometimes and I cant escape. Sometimes when all my friends and I are joking around I'll suddenly get extremely annoyed because I just want silence, so I just sit there and smile while my head burns. I have a constant feeling of failure at school, even though I'm doing fairly well in my classes (im in college). Anybody I try to get close to pushes me away, and everyone I get annoyed with wont leave me alone.

    Aint nothing wrong, aint nothing right...and still I sit and lie awake all night.

    It’s that shit stuck under my shoe
    It’s that smell inside the van
    It’s my bed sheet covered with sand
    Sitting through a shitty band
    Getting dog shit on my hands
    Getting hassled by the man
    Waking up to an alarm
    Sticking needles in your arm
    Picking up trash on a freeway
    Feeling depressed everyday
    Leaving without making a sound
    Picking my dog at the pound
    Living in a tweeker pad
    Getting yelled at by my dad
    Saying I’m happy when I’m not
    Finding roaches in the pot

    I get so restless sometimes I'll just start smoking weed and waste more time. Time is always wasting away. I lack a sense of accomplishment everyday no matter how hard I push myself. I get plenty done everyday, but something is always missing. When I lay down to sleep I feel that going to bed is boring, that I haven't finished the day yet, that something is always lacking.

    if you're confused, so am i.
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