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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by uneek, Oct 16, 2004.

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    Last month I went to pay my bill over the phone via my saved CC through the automated system that Verizon uses.

    I got a message that my payment could not be processed. So I tried again. Same thing. I checked my bank account & noticed that in fact both times money was deducted from my account, but this did not post to my Verizon account.

    After hastling with Verizon, I got credit for one of the payments, however, they have not refunded the other payment.

    It has been almost a month (Sept 21 the payment was screwed up).

    This is absolutely rediculous and I want to leave them with an impression of just how serious this issue is. Would I be justified in not paying my bill until my account is credited properly (since they actually have payment, they just don't seem to notice or care about it)?

    Who should I send a letter to, since I intend to put this matter in writing, having gotten nowhere dealing with customer service? This is the first billing issue I have ever had so it's new territory to me... thanks.
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    Go into the store with your bank statement. Talk to the manager. It really shouldn't be that hard to handle. Don't be an ass when you go in, they won't help you. and pay your bill on time, at least pay what you think you owe. They will cut your phone off and send your ass to collections if you do not.
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    You must work for Verizon...or worked for Verizon in the past, you know way too much about how things work.
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    no, that's standard practice for any company that provides a service and bill monthly.

    no pay = service disconnect and report to collections

    whether you're right or not, the truth will be handled at collection and will still show up on your credit.

    Verizon charged me for roaming even though i had a nationwide calling plan and was in their listed service area. the phone had a flaw that called anything outside of my home area (tampa) roaming. the charges showed up on my bill and i disputed them to no avail. i then changed my number to seattle area after my move and they promised there would be no activation charges and no penalties... i got charged $36 per phone and the contracts were automatically extended for another 2 years.

    i cancelled immediately, filed for mitigation between my lawyers and theirs, and had them pay for my final bill, roaming charges, equipment costs, activation charges, cancellation fees for 2 phones, and lawyers fees. they paid up and i've been on T-Mobile for a year now with not one single billing error.

    since Verizon has gotten huge, their service has gone down the tubes.

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