Verizon customer: what phone should I get?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by sirreal, Sep 9, 2007.

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    I am with Verizon, because basically they have the best and only decent coverage where I live. I have friends that have T-Mobile, AT&T, and Nextel/Sprint and they all suck for coverage.

    The bad part of it is Verizon doesn't have the coolest phones on the market. Ideally, the Sidekick seems to have what I need/want in a phone, but who knows.

    Basically this is what I need it for: Internet browsing (heavy browsing), texting, using AIM, using GMail, having some sort of Office on it, being able to add some storage to it if needed. A nice camera would be great, but nothing more than 1.3 MP matters much to me. I want to be able to install some apps on it like GPS stuff or something of that nature (Google Maps?). I don't care too much for music, just want to have a shit ton of my ring tones on there if possible. Something I can change the background too, like a wallpaper. A QWERTY keyboard is needed for sure.

    The phones for Verizon that could (saying could because I'm not sure if any of these do all that I want) fit this are:

    Motorola Q Black
    Motorola MOTO Q (music 9m)
    Verizon XV6700
    Palm Treo 700wx
    Palm Treo 700p
    Blackberry 8703e
    Blackberry 7130e
    Blackberry 8830 World Edition

    Don't think it's asking for too much from a phone, so if anyone knows anything that can do all that I want let me know? :hsd: Thanks guys :hs:
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    i just got the 8830 LOVEEE IT, fast browsing, great interface, all around great phone, would definately reccomend it
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    I have the Q, I want the 9m. Badly.

    Other than the battery life, which is still not as bad as others I've lived with, it's awesome and I love it.

    I have a friend back home that put a supercool theme on it for me.

    As far a syncing, think twice about anything with windoze mobile if you use a mac. It's not impossible, but it's definitely more work.
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