GUN Very interesting SigP200 10,000 round test.

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    This article is some-what legnthy, but has proved the quality of the Sig P220's. It may only be just my opion, but this proved to me that the Sigs accuracy and over all quality is outstanding. And me owning a brand new P220 with about 500 rounds through it makes me want to shoot even more to see what this actually proves. I shoot about a 3-3.5 group on average. So with time, more ammo and practice i should expect low 2, high 1 inch groups....but most likely not with my arm, lol.

    Article Link

    Article overveiw:
    Out of box P220, 10,000 rapid fire rounds in one session. 2.51 group out of box, 1.94 after 10,000 and good cleaning. (black hills 230 ball load)

    (last part of article after 10,000 rounds and a VERY good barrell cleanin)

    The group size for 10 more rounds was 1.94 inches, just about the same as the 1000-round point! It wasn’t a fluke, either. A second group measured 2.08 inches, and a third was 2.11. The deterioration of accuracy I noted in the course of that long day of shooting was caused by the accumulation of barrel fouling and not by any form of wear on the gun or its barrel. In fact, if I’d had the time to completely remove the fouling from the barrel at every 1000 rounds, I bet the group size would not have gone beyond 2.5 inches and would have averaged a lot closer to two inches.

    So what did I find out? The malfunctions were almost all predictable. Two were operator error in loading magazines, and two more (the failures to eject) were caused by an excessively dirty gun. The failure to fire at round 4104 came as a result of an out-of-spec round of ammunition. The trigger pivot did break at round 6028—but I have to point out that the extremely unusual wear that was induced by the pounding of ultrarapid firing. The heat and battering effect of all those rounds stressed the gun quite a bit. I also found out that a few thousand rounds of ammunition caused the first-shot flyer to go away.

    And one more thing—20 cases of ammo didn’t do a darned thing to bother the accuracy of this superb .45 ACP pistol. In the end, 10,000 rounds that went through this pistol did nothing more than break it in.
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    P220 is a nice gun, I enjoy shooting them, but it has some drawbacks too. The gun itself pretty expensive, the capacity sucks (8 rounds), and it's pretty bulky and heavy for a carry gun.

    You can get a Glock 21 that has the same or better reliability, it's lighter, has far better capacity, more durable finish and about $200 cheaper.
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    I can vouch with the price ( i payed 469.00$ for mine) and cap, the weight doesn't really bother me. I don;t like glocks for some reason. They just don't appeal to me at all. I've shot a few and they were a decent peice. But the look gets a -10 i my book. But taht just my opinion.

    - Like my wifes dad always says, if it takes more than 3 shots just throw it at the fucker.

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