Vibrators, Butt Plugs and Lubes...Oh MY: A Buyer's Guide

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    This is a compiled thread of websites to purchase a variety of toys. I have added the comments of the original posters (if they provided any) about the sites. I tried to include a brief description of their offerings.

    Sams' famous anal EDU

    How to clean your toys:
    RougeOgre: The most awesome guide to toy materials & cleaning

    This place has toy reviews of many types
    FSers report that Edenfantasys has added lots more user reviews to their merchandise!!
    Sex swing stand for those who can't have a permenant one
    OT Tip: Cover the bolts in your ceiling with a cheap smoke detector,
    just rip out the guts and hang it up.
    Sex chair
    toys, lubes, movies, lingerie, condoms, books
    Pros: Great customer service, customer reviews, good selection
    RougeOgre & Bubba Atlantis: :bigthumb:
    Other FSers have reported problems though :squint:
    and if you don't specifically tell them not to send you flyers when you order over the phone or uncheck the box when you order on-line, you WILL get junk mail.
    toys, books, movies, lingerie,lubes, fetish gear,costumes
    Pros: Big selection, customer reviews then Health/Personal Care then Sex/Sensual
    toys, lubes, condoms
    Pros: Great prices
    Cons: Limited Selection
    RougeOgre: Good pricing for the selection
    videos, toys, lubes, bondage gear, sex furniture
    Pro: Good selection, low prices
    condoms, lubes
    Pros: review section
    toys, lubes, Bondage gear
    toys, lube, lingerie & more
    toys, lubes, books, games, sex swing
    toys, costumes, bondage stuff, S&M stuff
    toys, lubes, love swing
    Pro: free shipping in US,toy reviews & buying guides
    toys, videos, books, lubes, novelties
    Phantom Empress: :bigthumb:
    This is our resident OT toy provider
    They sometimes include batteries and lube samples
    toys, movies, lubes, bondage stuff, books
    Has a seperate gay site
    toys, fetish wear and gear, movies, lubes
    Mpuck972:Went to their store last week, they have nice stuff
    Phantom Empress: :bigthumb:
    toys, lingerie, movies, book,lubes
    Pros: reviews
    male toy, lube and cleaner
    bondage gear, apparel, toys
    Mpuck972:check the site once a week, they always have nice sales like 40% off
    all kinds of bondage stuff
    a Canadian company
    toys, bondage gear & apparel
    Phantom Empress: Awesome place
    toys & bondage stuff
    toys, lingerie, books movies, light bondage stuff
    toys, books, lingerie, bondage, S&M stuff, lubes, movies
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    Valuable post! A+++ will read again!
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    This is going to the Archive that is why I volunteered to do it.
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    Thank you Rougeogre!

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