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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Doublezeros, Feb 12, 2004.

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    Im trying to build a cheapo Media Center and Im now confused about which option to go on Video Capture.

    Should I get a:

    1) "Dumb" capture card that borrows the main processor power (cheapest ~$70), maybe pinnacle + a sub $100 video card

    2) "Smart" capture card that has its own processor (mid ~90), maybe Huappage (sp?) + a sub $100 video card

    3) AIW 9000 pro (Highest ~140) THE OTHER MODELS ARE TOO EXPENSIVE

    Anyone know about the quality of cards in those ranges? Im going to run an AMD 2500+ 333FSB / 512mb DDR 2700. Any other options I should consider?
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    Not saying this will answer your question, but maybe help give you and idea of what to look for
    Also see if the site as reviews on some of the cards you looking at....a google search on this is also usually good too.
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    Get a WinTv 250, Snapstream Beyond TV and like a Radeon 7500...

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