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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by softlips, Jul 6, 2007.

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    So I have a Leadtek Winfast (not sure of the official specs, but my dad thought its was MX 5200) card, and it just won't install onto my computer. I've had this computer and card working properly before, but since I reinstalled Windows (XP) it just hasn't wanted to work.

    I have a cd rom for the card (for the driver installation I think?) but it's horribly scratched. However, I've tried it many times before scratching, and when I install it, it makes my screen like a bunch of neon dots, and probably like a 640x480 resolution. (I can download a copy of the driver off the internet, though, so the scratched thing is no biggie, if the driver is all I need.)

    However, whenever I restart my computer it says my VGA compatible hardware is not installed, but I need to insert a disk to install it. I have no idea what this is or whether it's relevant.

    So that is my badly detailed situation. What I need to know is whether there is a solution to the neon dot problem and I should find another copy of that cd and install it. Or is there another means to get this working?

    Yes, I am not technologically adept as you can see by this post. If anything makes no sense, or I didn't include any important info, I could most likely find it out.

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