Video Card Issues?

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    I just recently upgraded my computer (In preparation for Crysis) with a new video card and RAM. :bigthumb:

    When I first got the new card I reinstalled windows (switched from nvidia to ATI). I downloaded newest drivers... and for some strange reason I have been experiencing crashes in games. Tech support hasn't really helped and I was hoping you techies might might have an idea :bowdown::bowdown:.

    Basically I just recently started playing Tabula Rasa and Crysis. My computer is fine until I play one of these two games for an extended amount of time. Sometimes the game will load a level and I get kicked to the desktop. Other times I'll get strange C++/XML errors (Tabula Rasa). I have also gotten textures in strange places and spawned in weird locations. (A few pics of the problems) Sometimes after getting kicked to the desktop I can't even launch the game again until I reboot. The game will crash and reboot (and i get the windows has recovered from a serious error blah blah...). Also, as you can see in the one pic below... I get strange "burning" when I look at dark textures. The weird pattern stays throughout the entire level and does not go away :eek4:.

    What I'm thinking is that something may be wrong with my Video Card Memory :dunno:? I have mem tested the crap out of my new OCZ RAM for 16+ hours with two different programs and no errors were found. So I don't know what may be causing the problems. Does it sound like a memory leak to anyone else? :noes:

    System Specs:

    ABIT A8N x3200 Xpress
    AMD X2 3800+ Toledo Core @2.0ghz
    OCZ Platinum 2GB (2x1GB) Dual Channel (@ 2.5-3-2-5)
    GeCube 512MB x1950XT
    Thermaltake Purepower 600W






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