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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by fixmefixmyhead, Jun 9, 2006.

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    today my monitor turned blank out of nowhere and said "no signal" and when i restart it i see the boot up screen and the windows boot up screens but once it gets into windows it goes blank again. i restarted in safe mode and i got an error report saying my video card caused this fault its a 6 year old nvidia geforce 2 mx100/200 something like that and i tried getting new drivers and its no help. i'm in safe mode right now so that means the video card is working right? should i just go out and get a new video card? if so what do you recomend i dont do any gaming or anything.
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    could be card, but more likely a driver issue. Uninstall the drivers and get it working with the standard "VGA" driver that windows ships with. reboot in [email protected] then you can download the new ForceWare from nVidia.

    It's important to get windows off of the old driver first, however.

    If you want a new card, then just go find a MX4000 for cheap.

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