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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by celendin, Jun 27, 2006.

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    Hi I am interested in making a video sharing site similar in functionality to[​IMG] and to a lesser extent youtube or google video but with a different concept.

    I have acquired a third party flash video player.

    The website will be housed on three servers, each performing its own function:
    1) Http
    2) Encoding
    3) Storage

    I understand that uses[​IMG] to encode uploaded .avi or .mpeg files into files of the .flv extension which can be played by the Flash video player.

    I have made a script which allows users to upload data onto the servers, all I am lacking now is some sort of script for the encoding server to process the uploaded .avi or .mpg file and encoding it automatically to .flv and then store it on the storage server and play it automatically.

    I have read that[​IMG] performs something similar to this job but is doesn't actually do this, it only creates thumbnails of the .avi or .mpg files automatically for easy referencing.

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