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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Dominion, Jul 7, 2007.

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    Ok quick question, I recently installed Vista Ultimate on my primary PC to see how it runs basically and give it a test drive. I had already installed this same version on my laptop and while it was pretty slow, I had expected it with the laptop.

    Anyways, I was actually enjoying it, I had pretty much gotten the OS tuned up and it was working pretty good, EXCEPT when I ran photoshop CS3. It ran like shit, I looked around on the net and saw alot of other having the same issue but no real solutions. For one disabling aero worked, for another disable desktop composition, for another run in compatibility mode, slit the throat of a chicken and dance around the moonlight naked, whatever. I got slightly better performance by enabling/disabling things but never XP level performance. I also couldn't get a straight answer out of Adobe or anyone else. I was told my ram was the issue, ok I admit I had low ram, so I went from a gig to two gigs of Corsair XMS. Still no change, Others said various combos on my hardware. My PC is now at 2gigs Corsair (the only upgraded component), AMD 939 3700+, and a 7900GS.

    I was told it was drivers, so I tried various versions, with and without various drivers, I also was told sometimes the print services fuck up photoshop so I tried with/without and different versions of that.

    the rest of my CS3 apps run great, just photoshop. Has anyone else heard/experienced this issue? I've already reinstalled XP as I work in photoshop very often and I needed the performance of XP. But I'd like to know if theres anything I missed.
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    The licensing on mine suddenly stopped working today for no reason :ugh:

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