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    our book runs on tutorials, with hands on and on my own exersizes at the end of each chapter. the chapter i just finished was on programming a basic Web browser. At the end the hands on extersize is to code a FTP browser. I NEED HELP!! can anyone help me?

    copied directly from the book....

    create an FTP browser that navigates to a specific FTP site ("" ) when the form that contains the web browser component first loads,. (Hint:Look up the navigate method in the MSDN library). The form window should occupy 90 % of the height and width of the screen and the browser control should resize to to fit the form window if the user resizes it. the Form's caption should be set to the location name of the document in the browser.

    i need to get this done before i can even continue with the exersizes and i have no clue whatsoever where to begin
    can anyone help??? please?

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