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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by hebrewnational, Mar 5, 2006.

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    When I make audio CDs with my powerbook (Itunes/toast) and play the CDs in my car they sound fine but the volume is just too low and I have to turn the volume up all the way for it to be a decent sound volume. Now when I make CDs with my windows computer and play them in my car at the same volume level they are much louder and I don't need to blast it for it to be loud. Can someone please tell me what it going wrong here I just want my CDs from my powerbook to be loud like on my windows computer @ the same volume levels in my car.

    Thanks, and it is the same result when doing Itunes/toast.
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    same mp3 files on each burn? I'm willing to bet that your PC is applying equalizer settings and boosting the volume, and iTunes is not (toast can't). It's actually preferable that EQ not be applied -- you may be digitally clipping your audio by applying EQ effects to CD, as a lot of times EQ applied to mp3 files is done so improperly, and applies gain that exceeds the dynamic range of the recording (i.e. the bit value it was recorded at). Basically it overflows the bit count for the song file.

    that's just my guess, but if anything I suspect that your "louder" files are actually lower quality for this reason. Finally, iTunes does have a volume boost option (+ / - 3dB). Just higlight the song you want to modify, "get info", and click on the Options tab... move the volume slider and there you go. Those changes, I think, are committed to the CD.

    Hope that helps :wavey:

    PS, try burning the same songs on the PC version of iTunes and see if the result is ths same as the mac version -- be sure to note EQ settings each time, and the where the volume slider is on the song.

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