Wanted: Sr. Level Server Engineers *ATLANTA*

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by twin_turborx7, Mar 2, 2006.

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    Figured I would post here as well, never know :) I am putting very general details here. Anyone interested post a here here with your email or send me a PM and I will email you directly for more information. I would prefer you do not email me directly on a whim as the email address I have here, I rarely check.

    I am looking for a few good men (or women) for a couple of Senior Level Server Engineer positions at my company. I am having trouble finding good people and essentially it comes down to getting too many "server admins" and not enough server engineer/architect candidates.

    In addition I have a strong need for the following as well:
    a) Filenet engineer
    b) HARDWARE DESIGN Engineer. This postion responsible for working with client lines of business that want to put new systems or applications in and have no clue what they need, or how much it will cost. This person works with the client and line of business and vendors to design a solution from a server, storage, network perspective as well as makes the "platform/OS" decision. There are similiar design engineers in network in storage you would work with so the real focus is on server design, amount of storage required, failover (high availability solutions), disaster recovery etc. I WOULD MOST BE AFTER A CROSS PLATFORM PERSON (Windows, HP-UX, AIX, Linux).
    Other notables:
    * The more "cross platform" the better as this is the hardest to find.
    * Better than standard benefits include 3 weeks of vacation initially, potential to become and officer and get 4 weeks
    * Best/latest technology is in use here (P-595 AIX, SuperDomes, 2nd largest Intel Blade server install base in the world, top 5 VMware customer)
    * Great team of around 70 top level engineers
    * Higher than average salary (I think at least)
    * Negotiable a bit on relocation alowance with right candidate (I never thought about this really until this post, but I could talk it over with you or work something out that would offset this expense.
    * No travel necessary unless you just happen to want/get to work on a project at one of our other buildings in another city/state (rarely happens).
    * Great manager ;)
    If you are interested holler, or if you can think of an intelligent question that everyone could benefit from please post away.
    Hiring immediately, I have 7 new openings essentially.
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