Warning for those with Asurion insurance

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by is2scooby, Dec 6, 2004.

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    May 19, 2003
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    While test driving a friends spare phone, I lost/had stolen my beloved e715. Although all my ringtones and pics were gone, I wasn't too worried because I had "invested" in T-mobiles ASURION insurance.

    After following all their steps including filing a police report, the fuckers deny my claim. First Asurion rep tells me it's because I've been using a phone after the loss. I explain the situation and she passes me back to t-mobile to clear it up. Next Asurion supervisor tells me that they're denying the claim because I didn't lose my sim card with the phone, WTF? After I explain the situation, she tells me (and this is a paraphrase) "fuck off." T-mobiel retentions tells me the same thing.

    So I either have to buy a brand new phone or switch providers. Thank God I'm out of contract.

    Cliffs, phone lost/stolen, happy because I have insurance, insurance bends me over, I am fucked. :(
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    I find myself in America.
    That's typical of all the insurance; whenever someone comes into my store with a temp phone after they lose theirs, I hand them my phone so they can make a claim BEFORE I will activate another one.

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