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Discussion in 'Fitness & Nutrition' started by PurEvl, Nov 24, 2008.

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    in a BFI container down an alley
    Im gonna tighten the rope once and for all in here and i will ban every single one of you that decides to push it. No one is excluded. No more bashing noobs, no more gay shit in threads. Nothing. If someone asks a stupid question or is a noob and you have nothing to say helpful or it doesnt effect you, shut your fucking mouth and dont post to them. If someones trolling, use your IL list or pm me with actual worthy proof of it. Just make sure i dont see that troll getting instigated, cause thats the case 99% of the time in here. If you dont answer or feed em then they cant troll. Pretty simple.

    I would love to ban everyone and make my life easier so by all means keep it up. And to the people who keep complaining to me in pm's or aim, give me proof, like a link showing it. I will ask for bans for every single warranted thing brought to me. And like i said...no ones excluded.
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