Was asked to be interviewed about my alm mater...

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    here is the transcript:

    s3xyr4bbit: hello

    me: hello

    s3xyr4bbit: This is an interview about college and your experience at SUNYIT. You can stop at anytime. Anything you say is completely confidential. You can change your name to anything to make you more comfortable. This interview is going to be used in a college paper and might be used as data for further studies. Is this Ok? Also what name would you like to use?

    me: Chris
    err i mean max powers

    you there?

    s3xyr4bbit: Ok, Let's begin. Thinking back to your childhood what do you remember thinking about college?

    me: I didnt think about college at all as a child because I had no older siblings or cousins or anything like that and had no family in college until I was older

    s3xyr4bbit: What did you want to be growing up?

    me: programmer

    s3xyr4bbit: Even as a young child?

    me: I dont remember anything younger than like 12

    s3xyr4bbit: Ok (laughs) What is your families educational background?

    me: non-educated

    s3xyr4bbit: All of your immediate family?

    me: yes

    s3xyr4bbit: What made you decide to go to college?

    me: because its expected and because for what I wanted to do you have to

    s3xyr4bbit: Expected by whom?

    me: society parents the president etc

    s3xyr4bbit: Did your parents want you to go to college?

    me: I just more or less said that I thought

    s3xyr4bbit: What did you think was going to be the result of a college education?

    me: a job and the ability to do what I wanted to do

    s3xyr4bbit: What is your degree?

    me: computer science

    s3xyr4bbit: Did anyone advise you in high school or before you started at college?

    me: no not really

    s3xyr4bbit: Was SunyIT your first choice?

    me: no

    s3xyr4bbit: What was?

    me: RIT but because of a clerical error on their part... they misplaced my application and said that I applied to late to get into the CS program because it was full even though I applied in december of the year before as an "early decision candidate"

    s3xyr4bbit: Why did you choose SunyIT after the problem with RIT?

    me: because of the similiarity in name

    s3xyr4bbit: Did anyone or anything inspire you to go to college?

    me: myself

    s3xyr4bbit: So you just thought I want to go to college and you did?

    me: Yeah pretty much but all the technical details of it was handled by my father because if he didnt do it I probably would have missed all the deadlines and not gotten to go at all

    s3xyr4bbit: So your father helps you out with college?

    me: yeah with money and filling out forms and all that crap

    s3xyr4bbit: Thats nice (smiles) Ok now I would like to talk about your college experience...

    Did you feel that you would be comfortable in a college atmosphere

    me: It didnt matter I wasn't going to live on campus and otherwise its just highschool version 2

    s3xyr4bbit: What do you mean by highschool version 2?

    me: If anything the course work was easier than my highschool experience and the school seemed under funded in comparison. Grades were curved which never really effected me but allowed total retards to pass classes that they shouldn't have and I was dumbfounded by the ignorance of the majority of my classmates

    s3xyr4bbit: Were you ever challenged?

    me: Only in my core computer science classes and only in the last 2 semesters. The 400 level CS courses finally got into some interesting and non-trivial material

    me: However I would like to say that I was more annoyed than challenged by the endless list of bullshit liberal arts and gen ed requirements I was forced to partake in. I don't see how learning about the mating rituals of insects will help me in my career as a software engineer

    s3xyr4bbit: Can you explain what you mean by the school seemed underfunded?

    me: example: I took a course of assembly language programming in highschool. Every student in the class had access to their own development board which basically includes an embedded processor and several mechanisms for interacting with it. I took a similar course my 3rd semester at SIT and had only 5 of these development boards for a class of 15 students and at least 2 of those were purchased by the professor out of his own pocket

    s3xyr4bbit: How do you feel about that?

    me: Not too good. But more importantly I feel its wrong to charge every student these so called "student life" fees when many students do not live on campus and do not benefit from them in any way. Perhaps these students should be able to put those fees toward better funding for their major's respective department.

    s3xyr4bbit: Did you participate in any clubs or other activities on campus?

    me: no, and not because I don't feel they are valuable its just that I am not a loser and lived in my own apartment and worked full time and had a life and came to school to get an education and not to dick around all day

    s3xyr4bbit: Were you able to balance your outside life and school well?

    me: I dont know exactly what you mean by balance it. I came to school when I had class and left when I didnt

    s3xyr4bbit: Did your fulltime job interfere with your schooling? Did you feel overwhelmed?

    me: well by full time what I meant was I worked the whole time I was going to school, not necessarily 40 hours a week. Due to classes occupying the majority of the mid-day you obviously can't hold a normal 9-5 job but I managed to find work around my school schedule

    s3xyr4bbit: How was your relationship with your teachers?

    me: I don't understand the question?

    s3xyr4bbit: What is your opinion of the staff?

    me: varied

    s3xyr4bbit: expalian

    me: what?

    me: well some where really good teachers who genuinely cared about the material they were teaching and some seemed like they had stopped caring about anything 2 decades ago and were just going through the motions as casualties of the tenure system

    s3xyr4bbit: Ok, ummm Was there any event in your life before or during college that made it hard to attend?

    me: well I took a year off to work since I was going to move out on my own but I was never in danger of not going back and in fact left the job days after being given a promotion to move out to smelly utica and attend SIT

    s3xyr4bbit: Was their enough financial options available to you?

    me: No I was able to get enough in loans and grants to cover tuition in full with some left over to help with living expenses

    s3xyr4bbit: Thats good. Would you return to SunyIT for graduate work?

    me: probably not

    s3xyr4bbit: Ok really think about this one... What is one thing that SunyIt could do to so that you would return for graduate work?

    me: well remember when you asked me about the staff? Well I know all of the professors in the computer science department and more of them fall in the later category than the former

    s3xyr4bbit: So if they were audited more and seemed more interested you would return?

    me: I don't know. In my opinion the school has major funding problems. For an IT school their own IT infrastructure is piss poor and their CS department is severely lacking. I can't speak for other departments.

    s3xyr4bbit: I see thank you for your honesty and your input. maybe with your responses we could do something to improve the experience at Suny
    Do you have any questions for me?

    me: a/s/l?

    s3xyr4bbit: Thank You for your time. <disconnect>

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    Fucking cliffs man. And get rid of all those extra line breaks.
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    No one is going to read that shit. Despite what you may think, no one cares about your chat logs.
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    Meh I thought it was funny don't read it then lol
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    holy fucking shit man, do you really need 11tybillion line breaks?
    :nono: :squint:
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    what's really fucking sad is that i read the whole thing.
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    You aren't a very exciting interviewee :dunno:
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    you might get more people to read that if you edited it to make it easier to read.

    then again, maybe not.

    either way, i guess people can read it or not and it won't affect anyone.

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    needs more line breaks.
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    Strategic use of bold to highlight the actually funny parts would help.
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    same... it was ok. Had some entertaining parts but was overall too long for what it was. :mepoke:
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    Thread Rescue:

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    Dearest Peyomp,


    Forever yours,

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