Was it Diablo or Diesel that gave Filmy that routine?

Discussion in 'Fitness & Nutrition' started by totaly, May 18, 2002.

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  1. totaly

    totaly Guest

    Becuase i need it.

    I need to switch up my routine, for the summer....i'm rather pissed at myself for getting out of shape:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

    I look like shit:mad: To make it worse i pulled something today in my inner thigh..WHILE WARMING UP :mad: :mad:



    MAN FUCK...now look what i did i fucked up my title:mad:
  2. tenchuninja

    tenchuninja Guest

  3. totaly

    totaly Guest

    LOL for some reason i found thi amusing:

    © Copyrighted by Diablo3305 2002
    ® Diablo3305 is registered trademark of OT Film association
  4. Diablo3305

    Diablo3305 Guest

    :bigthumb: gotta cover the legal aspects :)
  5. Pace

    Pace Guest

    I've had a nagging inner thigh irritation for a few weeks, too. It can really hurt at times, and I didn't feel the injury happen either.

    The best stretch/exercise for it it to stand by a door frame, raise the leg up until thigh is parallel to the floor, push the outside of the thigh against the door frame for a count of 5-10 seconds rest and repeat several times.

    This stretches the inner thigh and works the opposing muscle on the outside which really seems to help. Or you can use the inner/outer thigh machine in the gym like a chick.:bigthumb:
  6. totaly

    totaly Guest

    i'm gonna kick my ass with that routine...
  7. Diablo3305

    Diablo3305 Guest

    thats the point..:bigthumb: don't give up though...push yourself hard, youll see great results
  8. Pineapple Devil

    Pineapple Devil beat it!

    Oct 8, 2001
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    :slap: <~~~~~ Jason smacks him for getting out of the groove!!
  9. Filmboy44

    Filmboy44 Guest

    You are gonna need a spotter because that is a tough routine.
  10. totaly

    totaly Guest

    I have a question.

    Whay % of my max wieght should i be lifting through those sets?

    Do i pyramid? or stay constant?
  11. cypha12

    cypha12 Guest

    I'd like to know as well since I want to change my routine again.
  12. totaly

    totaly Guest


    I need response by tomorrow!!!! Starting new routine tomorrooW!!!!
  13. Diablo3305

    Diablo3305 Guest

    no pyramiding. What you do is, you take the first week to be your week to figure out your weights. See what you can do for 5 reps on the first exercise. Keep that constant for the whole exercise, don't pyramid up or down. As you get to the last few sets, it will be very hard to get all the reps out, this is where you need a spotter...just push as much as you can. I can't really say what % of your weight you would do. Just do something that you can get about 5 reps on. Now one thing i forgot to mention about this, and this is important, but increase your weights by 5 lbs total each week. So for example bench, each week put an extra 2.5 on each side. This will help you improve. Now some exercises its harder to do, such as dumbell curls or something like that, but push yourself as hard as you can, and increase when you are ready. that help?
  14. totaly

    totaly Guest

    Hell ya!

    I gotta tell ya, i'm getton all psyched out...i can't wait to start tomorrow....This sound pretty tough...i'm gonna hit up my parents for some $$$ to get some more Protien pwerder and but load of chicken and steack and tuna....i'm gonna get blown up for COLLEGE:cool: :cool: :cool:
  15. Diablo3305

    Diablo3305 Guest

    if you eat right, stick to the routine, and don't give up, youll get great results good luck...let me know how it goes :bigthumb:
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