Wash/Wax Jeep Grand Cherokee

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by Jaccordan, Aug 23, 2004.

  1. Jaccordan

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    I was and waxed my jeep grand cherokee yesturday. My buddy was over and did his lancer aswell.

    We washed the cars then did clay bar. Afterwards we waxed with NXT wax.

    I was pretty happy. What can make my jeep shinier? Anything to help the reflection or is it just my color???

    anyways, here are pics


    the lancer
  2. Jaccordan

    Jaccordan Guest

    Sorry i couldnt use a better camera. Family went on vacation this week.
  3. Labster

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    They came out great. On a color like that, try using some Clearkote Vanilla Moose. It adds a bit more wetness to the paint. Your friend should try some S-100 on his lancer. Black cars and S-100 look great.
  4. Jaccordan

    Jaccordan Guest

    :doh: i had some s100 on hand tooo.

    Oh well
  5. Don_Rumsfeld

    Don_Rumsfeld Guest

    You'll never get good wetness just by waxing - you have to polish it

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