Watchguard Firebox soho 6tc setup ?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by EvilAsh, Jan 26, 2004.

  1. EvilAsh

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    After following the instructions to enable DHCP, disable proxy, plug everything in and go to the default address it didn't i called, and the terrorist on the other end told me to put in a static ip of on the server and then it would connect, no luck either. Any ideas? When i try to connect the link light blinks like there's traffic going through, but it doesn't respond or bring up the setup page...
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    How did you change the settings if you could not connect?

    Its Are you getting an address from the DHCP server? Can you ping the router?

    You might want to try it over again and reset to factory settings.
  3. EvilAsh

    EvilAsh Guest

    i changed the setting on the computer that i hooked up to it. i reset the box, it was new anyway, no response to the ping. the DHCP address i was getting was tech guy said to put in the static address on the computer same only .2 and it would work, but no. something else has got to be the problem.
  4. EvilAsh

    EvilAsh Guest

    well it's the box itself, tried the other one i had exact same model and it worked fine, so i'm sending the bad one back.

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