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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by KawiZed, Oct 29, 2004.

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    can anyone help me find out what cord/cable i need to connect my sony vaio laptop to the tv? problem is, i don't have the s-video outlet, but it looks like i have the standard a/v outlet. someone from fry's told me it's probably a 2.5mm or 3.5mm video outlet. if it helps any, i have the sony vaio pcg-frv28. TIA
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    It would probably help to post pics of your laptop. I've tried looking online for a picture of that model of VAIO and I can't find any. I can't find specs for it either, except for the fact that it has an ATI RADEON IGP 345M in it, which I can't find pics of specs for either.

    I found a picture of a different model of VAIO that has the same graphics in it. From those pictures, I coudn't see any kind of output for the graphics except for the VGA out on the back. That's not to say that your laptop is the same. I also read a review somewhere else where someone who had a laptop that had that graphics processor in it had a S-Video out. So, I guess it would help to see what your laptop looked like.

    If you can post pics, try to get good close ups of the sides and back, especially where all the ports are.
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    Most laptops have a video-out port in the form of a yellow composite jack. Then, there's usually a function key on the keyboard to switch to that port. Any RCA-type connector will work. You only need one (the yellow one) unless you're going to run the sound to the TV, too, which in that case you'd also need a 1/8"-to-RCA cable. <--this would probably get plugged into the earphone/speaker jack.
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    nevermind! thanks fellas, but my buddy had a cable that i tried using a couple hours ago and it works great.

    here's an ebay auction i found. my setup looks nothing like that, but the yellow jack is similar.

    i have that yellow composite jack that sleepy71 was talking about. turns out, that's all i need... the sound and video works on the tv with just that yellow jack. thanks again

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