Water spots! :(

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by mtkversion, Jun 22, 2001.

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    I've left my car outside in the driveway for the past week and the sprinklers have had their way on the paint.

    I gave the car a good washing about 4 days ago but when I looked at it today, the water spots are still on the paint and I've noticed pitting in the front quarter panel.

    Whats the " easiest " and safest way to get rid of them and give the paint a nice layer of protection at the same time?

    Polish, wax, rubbing compound?

    I have a few " streak " marks on my front bumper ( like I rubbed against a tire ) that wont come off unless I scrub really hard with the brush but I dont want to fuck the paint up, would wet-sanding be a good alternative to get these out?

    Thanks for any help .. :)
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    heaven's fence.
    sprinklers = :nono:

    you can't let that happen :) :p

    after every time it rains, as soon as it stops i run outside & clean off my car right away :)

    a california wiper blade gets 90% of the water off
    then a chamois sponge & soaker get the rest, leaving it streak free.

    from what thos 'streak marks' sound like...a claybar or bug & tar remover might be appropriate.
    did you wax your car when you washed it? or recently...?
    after it rains & i get all the water off, if its not going to rain again that day or the next, i use a meguires quick detailer to make it shine & 'clean it up'.

    tip: if its gonna rain or you know your cars gonna get wet from a sprinkler, clean it off with a california car duster before it gets wet. don't want water getting on that dust/dirt, that just makes it harder to clean later.
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    If you really need to remove water spots, lemme tell you a trick a detailer told me when I asked "How do i get this crap off my car"

    He said, since you'll probably want to re-wax it anyway, to go and buy "Lime Away" from a supermarket/drug store. Its used for removing hard water deposits from plumbing, and will strip your wax off. But, it will remove hard water spots w/o any hard scrubbing, which can be damaging to your finish.... mix some in with your car soap, and spray the affected areas with straight Lime away. ONLY BE CAREFUL, do not let it dry on your car it can be bad....

    good luck :)

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