Waut's playin at your Super Bowl party?

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  1. "Ready to go" by Republica on the 1996 debut album.
  2. "Juicy fruit" by Magnapop on the 1996 album Rubbing Doesn't Help.
  3. "Happy shopper" by 60 FT Dolls on the 1996 album Supernatural Joy.
  4. "New face" by Stereo Motion on the 2003 debut album.
  5. "Steal the show" by Stereo Motion
  6. "Still a little shaken up" by Stereo Motion.
  7. "Cosmic thing" by the B-52s
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    The super bowl.
  9. "Channel Z" by the B-52s
  10. "All at once" by Liquid Village on the 2005 album All At Once.
  11. "One the flesh" by Liquid Village.
  12. "Give (dance mix)" by Missing Persons.
  13. "Walkin in L.A." by Missing Persons.
  14. "Destination Unknown" by Missing Persons.
  15. "Resignation superman" by big head todd &
    the monsters on the 1997 album Beautiful World.
  16. "Helpless" by big head Todd & the monsters.
  17. "Bad boys running wild" by the Scorpions.
  18. 'Big city nights" by the Scorpions.
  19. "Fantasy" by Mariah Carey.
  20. "Open arms" by Mariah Carey.
  21. "Take me to the pilot" by Elton John.
  22. "Grey seal" by Elton John.
  23. "Tell me why" by the Beatles.
  24. "I'll cry instead" by the Beatles.
  25. "Don's John" by the Lapdancers.

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