Waxing by hand...literally.

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by Buck-O, May 16, 2006.

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    So i was watching an episode of Fifth Gear last night. And they had a little segment on a guy who details super cars. Charges thousands of £'s for a detail. Anyway, the guy uses that Zymol pure crystal encased wax that costs that exorbenantly rediculas price.
    Anyway, he was only useing one of the wax pots, which in and of itself i thought was strange. But then, what he did next was even stranger.

    He pulled the wax out of pot with his fingers, spread it around the palms of his hands, and started rubbing it on the car! :eek3: And he did this with his bare hands. Where as throught he polishing phase, and other phases, he was wearing nitrile gloves.

    Then he said somthing along the lines of "Real carnuba's are just enzyme clusters, it doesnt actually become a wax untill the heat from your hand emusifies it. And while its in that emulsified state, it properly bonds with the car to be a proper pure wax. Any carnuba you just rub on with an applicator is complete rubbish"

    Then aparently he lets the stuff cure on the car for 3 hours, then buffs it off. And claims that the protective layer will be sustained for up to 6 months.

    Now, i find it odd, becuase as far as i know, rubbing a car, in any fasion, with your bre hands is a HUGE no no. Becuase the oils secreated by your hands, and the texture of your hands, can muck up the paint.
    Not to mention that ive never heard of any carnuba, "pure" or otherwise contained in a crystal chalice, lsating "at least" 6 months.
    And even more strange, why in the hell is this guy useing Symol for most of his products? Everything ive ever used of theirs was complete crap.

    Any thoughts?
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    Amazing what people will believe when they have to justify in their mind the insane price they just paid for a wax.
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    Well, i dont know how much bullshit this guy would actually believe.
    But considering he was doing this on a Maserati MC12, im sure the owners have a real big "wow" factor to knowing their car is getting body buttered by a 12k pot of wax. Even if it was made from paint stripper.

    Im mostly curious about the hand application of the wax though. Seemed kinda odd.

    Looked preaty spectacular after it was done though. THe guy obviously knows what hes doing, and i cant question teh final product. But the methods and products he uses to get there are a little odd.
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    From what I recall, the body heat from your hands warms and softens the wax to apply it easier by hand for certain waxes... IIRC Victoria Wax is meant to be applied this way as well.

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